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Endocrine Complete™ is a comprehensive combination of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and phytotherapeutic compounds specifically formulated to provide support of endogenous hormone production by the endocrine system, including thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, gonadal and insulin function.†

Endocrine Complete™ includes a wide variety of herbs that act as hormonogenic agents, a subclass of phytocrine™ activities that maintain endocrine gland health, first defined by Joseph J Collins, RN, ND in 2005.

As a Hormone Specific™ Multi-Nutrient, this formulation can be used as a foundation of hormone health with any of the Hormone Specific™ Formulations manufactured by Douglas Labs, and formulated by Dr. Collins.


Vitamins and minerals are used as cofactors for the various enzymes throughout the body that affect the health of every tissue. Proper levels of vitamins and minerals are required for both the production of hormones, and the ability of tissues to respond to hormones.†

Studies show that a high percentage of adults in North America and other developed areas eat less than the minimum daily allowance of 10 or more essential nutrients.

In addition to inadequate dietary intake of endocrine essential nutrients, the function of nutrients may be limited because of genetic variations that limit the conversion of the nutrient to its activated form. These genetic limitations are recognized as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Specific SNPs are known to affect the conversion of beta-carotene to vitamin A. The conversion of folate to its active form L-methylfolate is also limited due to SNPs. Activated vitamin B-6, as well as the methylated form of vitamin B-12 is also required for optimal endocrine health.† In addition to the general benefits of vitamins, mineral and other nutrients, there are a number of very hormone specific benefits from each. For example, folate, best used as L-methylfolate, the most active form, is required for proper health of gonadal and adrenal tissue.

† Vitamin B-12, as methylcobalamin, is required to maintain adequate levels of estrogen and progesterone and modulate cortisol levels.

† Riboflavin and thiamine are required for proper metabolism of thyroid hormones as well as the adrenal gland hormones.

† Benfotiamine, a lipid soluble form of thiamine, supports insulin synthesis and healthy glucose metabolism.† Vitamin K benefits go beyond bone health, as vitamin K helps to control the insulin response. 

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