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A broad spectrum enzyme with isomaltase/palatinase activity. Free of common allergens. Gluten and casein free. Capsules are plant based. Ultra Tested®.

EnZym-Complete/DPP-IVTM II with Isogest® is Kirkman’s most popular enzyme. This proprietary enzyme is formulated to support digestive activity for a full range of foods.

The addition of the dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV) enzyme analog supports the ability of the body to degrade peptides formed from exposure to casein and gluten. Kirkman’s proprietary enzyme Isogest® is also included for more complete digestion of carbohydrates.

This product includes a unique blend of 18 pure, plant-based enzymes that are recognized as essential for the effective digestion of all food groups, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, sugars and fiber under a wide range of pH conditions.

Kirkman’s EnZym-Complete/DPP-IVTM products provide a combination of proteases, amylases, lipases, disaccharides and cellulases that replace the enzymes lost in cooking, thus lessening the burden on the body’s digestive tract so that it can function optimally, while also supporting optimal nutrient absorption.

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