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Kirkman’s Phenol Assist™ Companion helps optimize the sulfation chemistry associated with phenolic compounds and salicylates competing for the body's sulfate stores. It is designed to be taken with Kirkman’s Phenol Assist™ or can be used with other enzyme products designed to help regulate phenolic load.

Phenols and polyphenols have antioxidant qualities and protective functions that make them beneficial. Kirkman's Phenol Assist™ helps reduce the phenolic load on the body's sulfation capacity. Other nutrients also support the body's sulfation chemistry.

The ingredients in Phenol Assist™ Companion and their role in sulfation are as follows:

• Vitamin B-1 assists in making sulfate from sulfur.

• Vitamin B-2 helps oxidize sulfite to sulfate.

• Magnesium helps activate enzymes used in sulfation.

• Molybdenum is necessary to convert sulfite to sulfate.

• Taurine supplementation makes more sulfur available because taurine, when ingested,

frees up cysteine and sulfur for sulfation.

• Glycine supports taurine efficiency by working with taurine to form bile salts.

• Methionine brings methyl groups and sulfur into the body and helps support sulfation capacity.

• Lysine binds with arabinose, which is inadvertently released when plant cells are

opened up by Phenol Assist™.

Since arabinose can disable enzymes in the body, it is important to tie up this sugar.

• Arginine, like lysine, binds with arabinose.

• Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid is used as a complexing agent.

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