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Better digestion of starches, carbs, fats & polyphenols

Helps reduce gas and bloating from starches in vegetables, dairy, beans and grains

Similar to Zyme Prime but less stool-firming

Contains xylanase to assist in tolerance to phenols

Contains lactase for lactose intolerance

Mild help for proteins

33% More capsules (120) than Zyme Prime

No added cellulase means less chance of interference with timed-release medications


ZyCarb helps with digestion of starches, carbohydrates and sugars. The enzymes present are balanced to provide digestive relief without the overly-firming effects on stools sometimes observed with Zyme Prime.

ZyCarb will help with lactose intolerance, gas, and bloating. One protease enzyme in the formula provides help with those starchy foods containing some protein, as well as helping break down glycoproteins. Amylase enzyme is lower (compared to Zyme Prime) which will help reduce the firming of stools.

Phenols, or polyphenolic compounds, are found in all plants. Some people have reactions to these compounds (red cheeks or ears, rashes, shiners under eyes). Xylanase is an enzyme that breaks down xylans, compounds found in plant cell walls, and appears to allow the ingestion of phenolic fruits and vegetables without the aforementioned reactions; and was the basis of our No-Fenol product. The enzyme also helps stools from becoming too hard, and so counters the effect seen with other enzyme products. ZyCarb contains the xylanase equivalent of 1/2 capsule of No-Fenol. This unique combination of enzymes should provide excellent digestion of carbohydrates and sugars, but without the stool-hardening effect seen with other carbohydrase products.

Galactosidase is useful in breaking down hard-to-digest carbohydrates found in legumes, and helps reduce gas produced from their fermentation in the intestine.

Amylase and glucoamylase are used together to hydrolyze starchy compounds into simple sugars.

Lipase is present to hydrolyze triglycerides to short-chain fatty acids.

All enzymes are derived from plant-based sources.

ZyCarb is helpful in easing the gas production, bloating, and cramping from such dietary problems as lactose and fatty food intolerance.

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